Weekly Trash Collection

Weekly trash collection occurs on Tuesdays, for both the non-recycling (grey) and recycling (blue) roll-carts.

Monthly Bulky Trash(1) Collection occurs the first full week (Monday through Saturday) of each month.

The bulky trash collection week is determined by the first Monday in the new month. An annual schedule can be found at www.hpha.org.

  • For 2011, bulky trash will be collected sometime during:  August 1-4, September 5-8, October 3-6, November 7-10, and December 5-8.
  • No materials may be placed out front earlier than the Thursday before the collection week. Bulky trash must be placed at the front curb of your home, nowhere else. Please do not place items in the common parking areas.
    There is a fine for violations.

(1) Bulky trash can be brush and other large objects such as tree limbs, shrubbery, bagged leaves, furniture, appliances, and mattresses. Construction materials and hazardous materials are NOT permitted to be placed out with bulky trash. These materials will not be picked up. Residents must make their own arrangements to dispose of these materials.

Call 311 to report violations

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