Policy – Walkway Maintenance

For security and ease of maintenance, Holiday Park Homeowners Association (HPHA) is clearing the rear walkways of most vegetation except grass or other ground cover. Homeowners who wish to retain the existing vegetation must agree to take on the maintenance at their own expense. New plantings in the walkways are not permitted without prior Architectural Control Committee approval.

Walkways are to be clear from 18 inches on either side of the walkway, including overhanging vegetation, extending upwards to a height of 8 feet.

If walkways are not properly maintained, the park maintenance crew will either do the work and the resident will be billed for the additional expense, or remove all vegetation from the walkway.

To help HPHA save money, i.e. your dues paid to HPHA, residents are asked to mow the grass in the portion of the walkway that runs immediately behind their fence.

Walkway Maintenance

Walkway Maintenance

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