Policy – Park Group Use / Party

A resident wishing to invite a group of non-residents to use HPHA common park area must be current with their homeowner dues, and discuss their plans with the Treasurer and President 2 weeks prior to the party or group use.

These guidelines must be adhered to:

  • Groups of 10 or more non-residents (children and adults), or any group of 20 or more, are considered to be a party and subject to this policy.
  • Groups or parties are not to exceed 25 non-residents, (children and adults).
  • A refundable deposit of $200.00 is also to be given to the Treasurer to cover potential damage or non-cleanup.
  • A Release Covenant Not To Sue And Indemnify must be signed (attached).
  • This policy addresses only park use and does not allow for use of the swimming pool. A separate approval, deposit, and other arrangements must be made if a group is also planning to use the swimming pool. Please see the sports practice policy, if the park use involves a team practicing in the park.
  • A park resident must sponsor, be responsible for and supervise the group while they are in the park. The sponsoring HPHA resident is responsible for insuring that all non-residents are aware of and adhere to the general park rules.
  • At least one adult resident (18 years or older), must be present at all times during the activity in the park. Children’s or teenagers’ parties must have adequate adult (18 years or older) supervision, (i.e. several adults may be required if children are spread out over the park). At least one adult per 10 children is recommended.
  • Music and noise should not be offensive to other residents. Parties should disband by 10:00 p.m.
  • Groups/individuals must follow all applicable state and federal laws during the use of the park and its facilities, and individuals are required to indemnify the HPHA for any adverse consequences during their use of the facilities.
  • HPHA’s policy regarding Inflatable Play Structures/Slides/Bounce Houses, (IPS), placed on HPHA property:
    • Require proof of insurance: An insurance certificate, providing proof of at least $1 million of liability insurance, must be obtained and provided to HPHA’s Treasurer seven days prior to erecting the structure. The insurance certificate is to name HPHA as an additional insured party with waiver subrogation. An IPS may not be placed on HPHA property without the insurance. Failure to provide the insurance certificate will result in the member’s deposit being forfeited, and the Board suspending the member’s right to hold parties in the park or pool.
    • An adult should be monitoring the structure at all times.
    • If an IPS is to be erected on HPHA property, HPHA’s Group Use/Party Policy must be signed and adhered to regardless of the number of participants.
    • If a HPHA member places the IPS on their own personal property there is no need to provide the insurance certificate to HPHA.

Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in fines, loss of deposit and/or loss of park privileges for the resident. FINES: Clean-up: $50 per hour, per person. Repairs: Actual damages plus 20% punitive damages.

In consideration of other HPHA residents who may wish to use the park:

  • A resident may reserve the park a maximum of two times during any calendar year.
  • The park can not be reserved on holidays such as: Easter, Christmas, New Years Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Thanksgiving Day.
  • Only one party / group per day may be scheduled to use the park.
  • Use of the park must not be scheduled for more than 3 hours in length.
  • The park cannot be closed for private parties. The park and its facilities must still be available for use by HPHA residents even when groups/parties are using the park.


HPHA Resident

Date signed

Date using Park

HPHA President or Treasurer approved


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