Policy – Common Parking Area

  • No loitering by HPHA members or non-members in the common parking areas.
  • No trash or debris is to be placed in the common parking areas.
  • Nothing other than a motor vehicle is to be parked or placed in the common parking area without prior written approval from HPHA’s Board.
  • Unused and/or junk motor vehicles are not to be parked or stored in the common parking areas. See below for City of Dallas definition of junk motor vehicle and 24 hour parking limitation. A vehicle is considered to be stored in the common parking areas if it remains longer than one week without being driven out of the common parking area.

City of Dallas Code

Junk Motor Vehicle (Sec.18-20) a vehicle that is inoperable on any private or public property is a public nuisance if either sticker (license tags or safety stickers) on vehicle is not valid, vehicle is wrecked / dismantled / partially dismantled, discarded, has flat tire(s) or not operated in last 30 days.

24 Hour Parking (Sec.28-84) No person may park an unattended vehicle in a public street, alley or other public place continuously for a period longer than 24 hours.

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