Policy – Boats, Tailers, Junk Cars, Etc.

Policy – boats, (including jet skis and similar), trailers, junk cars, storage pods, and dumpsters

I – Boats and trailers are not permitted in Holiday Park Homeowners Association (HPHA) unless stored in a garage. See below Section 13 of HPHA’s Protective Covenants.

As a practical matter HPHA’s Board, (which also serves as the Architectural Control Committee), may grant a temporary waiver before taking action against the violation to allow the resident an opportunity to come into compliance.

If a resident wishes to request a temporary waiver, not to exceed 14 days per calendar year, he or she needs to petition HPHA’s Board in writing for approval prior to parking the item in HPHA.

II – Junk cars – as defined by the Dallas City Code – are treated in the same manner as boats or trailers.

III – Storage pods and dumpsters are restricted in HPHA. See below Section 6 of HPHA’s Protective Covenants.

When there are extenuating circumstances that make a storage pod or dumpster necessary, a temporary waiver can be extended to a homeowner for a limited period of time.

A homeowner needs to petition HPHA’s Board in writing for approval prior to placing the item in HPHA. The request needs to indicate where the item is to be placed along with deadline for its removal. The temporary waiver is not too exceed 30 days per calendar year. A temporary waiver for a construction dumpster may exceed 30 days per calendar year provided the homeowner has a valid building permit issued by the City of Dallas.


Section 6. No noxious or offensive activity as defined by Holiday Park’s Board of Directors shall be carried on upon any lot, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or may become annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.

Section 13. A motorboat, house boat, personal water craft, or other water borne vehicle, or any small utility trailer or boat trailer may be maintained, stored or kept on any parcel of property covered by these covenants only if housed or screened completely within a structure which has been previously approved by the Architectural Control
Committee described in Article VI hereof.

Construction Dumpster – “If it is a construction dumpster and they have a building permit, the resident can have it (the dumpster) there as long as they have the permit.” Per the City of Dallas code, Kelli Stevens City of Dallas, Code Inspector

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