HPHA Walkways

2013 Board Walkway Replacement Recommendation:

Our common area walkways have been in significant disrepair for years and are hazardous to members and guests. The HPHA Board has been researching and evaluating options for several years, and is committed to doing something now. We need all members to vote regarding HPHA board’s proposal to fund replacement and widening of HPHA common area inner loop walkway with a loan.

The HPHA Board recommends that we fund this replacement with a bank loan, thereby avoiding a special assessment of all members. In order for HPHA to move forward, 2/3 of homeowners (80) must vote YES to approve HPHA pursuing a loan.

Ballots will be distributed to all members in early August. The vote collection deadline will be in early September 2013.

If members do not approve this recommendation for a loan, the board will have to determine other options to fund these required repairs. If you have further questions prior to voting, please contact your Circle Representative, President Ken Savage, or project lead Mike Burkett.

For more detailed information click links below:

Walkway Presentation from July 11 All Member Meeting

Walkway Photo Gallery: 2010 – today

New Arapaho Walkway Ramps: Wider than sidewalk: 5’3″ wide narrows to 4′ wide, small segment where the 2 widths join also accommodates the slope of the old sidewalk.

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