Architectural Control Committee

Dear Holiday Park Homeowners,

All of our homes are increasing in value. Furthermore, it’s encouraging that so many residents are choosing to update or enlarge their homes rather than moving out of Holiday Park. Please remember, however, that prior to making external modifications or additions to your property, approval from Holiday Park Homeowner Association’s
(HPHA) Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is required.

The attached flyer provides specific information regarding the ACC requirements and addresses the common situations where ACC approval is, and is not, required.

In summary, prior to undertaking external modification, please provide your Circle Representative with a drawing indicating the dimensions and materials to be used for your proposed modification. At the next Board Meeting, (Board meetings are held the first Thursday of each month), the Board/ACC will review and vote on the proposed
modification. All HPHA members are welcome to attend the Board meetings.

April 2011

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